Jim Paul Handmade Bits, Spurs & Jewelry:

Lovely bit with a port

Another silver bit with roller

Another silver bit, perfectly balanced

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Another fancy silver bit, perfectly balanced

Each bit is handmade to your specifications. Call Jim to discuss your specific needs at 602.750.4155

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Jim has added jewelry to his line of custom silver work. As always, his detail and design is legendary.

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Cave Creek, AZ

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Jim & Shiners Dualena accepting the NRCHA Hall of Fame Award remarked: "I thank the committee and the directors for considering my nomination, and for accepting me into the Hall Of Fame. I am very honored that they chose me."

ARTWORK by Jim Paul. Note that each image is unique and displays his talent and knowledge in the cowhorse world.

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jim paul portrait

Jim Paul, Sr

Jim & Shiners Dualena
Jim & Shiners Dualena


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The list of successful trainers and horses that have worked with Jim Paul Sr. is long and distinguished. Many of the top Non Pro and Open riders owe their accomplishments to Jim's tutelage. Born June 1,1937, in Sacramento, California, to parents Henry and Edna Paul, Jim rode with Hall of Fame member Barbara Worth Oakford. He visited Barbara's stables often and rode anything that she would let him climb on.

At age 22, Jim began training for the public in Scottsdale, Arizona. In the mid 1960s, he served as President of the newly formed Arizona Reined Cow Horse Association. He was also very instrumental in starting the first Arizona Snaffle Bit Futurity in the 1970s. Jim, along with John Hoyt, managed and hauled their own cattle to different shows, so that they could have cow horse classes.

Jim was also present at the decision to form the Snaffle Bit Futurity in 1968. He served as an NRCHA Board Member from 1968 to 1971. Along with Bobby Ingersoll, Smoky Pritchett, Skip Brown, and Dema Clark-Paul, he served on the committee for the introduction of the first NRCHA Case Book. Jim
served as the first judge's monitor at the Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity in 1983, and was actively involved with the judge's committee at the first judge's seminar in Gridley, California.

Having judged some of the most prestigious NRCHA and stock horse events, Jim is always in high demand. He was a Snaffle Bit Futurity judge 4 times, judged the World's Greatest Horseman 3 times, and the Magnificent 7 twice. He has also judged the NRCHA Derby, the Hawaii Snaffle Bit Futurity, the High Desert Snaffle Bit Futurty, the Wyoming Snaffle Bit Futurity, the Idaho Snaffle Bit Futurty, and the first All Around Stock Horse Contest in Long Beach, California.

With Jim's sharp eye and ability to teach others, he helped many riders emerge from the show ring victorious. Some of the successful trainers who apprenticed under Jim include Al Dunning, Cal Cooper, Debbie Phelan Cooper, Jimmie Paul, and Randy Paul. Perhaps though, the rider who benefited the most from Jim's excellent teaching was his wife, Dema Paul. In fact, Dema had never made the Open Finals at the NRCHA Futurity until Jim helped train some nice horses with her in the 1980s. Dema attributes all of her success since then to Jim. Some of the successful horses Jim trained for Dema include Missy Tucker, Tuckers Bayou, Cant Find My Sock, Missn No Chex, Shiners Dulena, Maggie Hickory, Masters Nu Fox, and Primos Bob Acre.

His horses were also shown successfully by Bobby Ingersoll, Jane Tatum, Brenda Brown, Jimmie Paul, Sherri Gilkerson, and Randy Paul, to mention a few. Jim Paul Sr. is quick to credit the many people he learned from, including Barbara Worth, Don Dodge, Harold Farren, Frank Rue, Jimmy Williams, Tony Amaral, and Ray Hackworth.

Not only are Jim Paul Sr.'s students and horses well known in the show circuit, his handy work can also be seen in the hardware adorning many different champions. Jim possesses a great talent for handcrafted iron work, and his impeccable bits and spurs are used by many top trainers.


Dema Paul & Ally McBoon

dema and bob herdwork

primos bob acre reining

Dema Paul & Primos Bob Acre






















































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Jim & Dema Paul

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